LAFERMESOLEIL has been producing high quality, organic, extra virgin olive oil since the Milner family started its Vacaville operations in 2008. Located in beautiful Pleasants Valley of Solano County, California, La Ferme Soleil takes advantage of a perfect climate and soil conditions for the growing of olives for olive oil. In the summer of 2010, four hundred additional Maurino and Leccino trees were planted, with our first substantial crop harvested this year! The Milner Family is proud to be part of an on-going tradition of California olive oil production, adding our product to a growing California collection of great tasting oils.

 Napa Valley

Olive Oil Competition

Medal Winner




Heat and light are the enemies of oil, which should be kept in a cool, dark place.


Should extra virgin olive oil be refrigerated?


 Typically, if you can keep oil in a cool pantry or even

a cellar, it will be fine for up to 2 years from harvest if unopened; well-kept oil may lose its bright flavors, but it won’t spoil too rapidly.


However, once opened, it should be used within 3 - 4 months.


Whatever you do with it, however, be generous.


 Nothing is more exasperating than a salad dressed with two teaspoons of extra virgin.


Less is more sometimes, but not when it comes to good, fresh olive oil.