LAFERMESOLEIL has been producing high quality, organic, extra virgin olive oil since the Milner family started its Vacaville operations in 2008. Located in beautiful Pleasants Valley of Solano County, California, La Ferme Soleil takes advantage of a perfect climate and soil conditions for the growing of olives for olive oil. In the summer of 2010, four hundred additional Maurino and Leccino trees were planted, with an expectation of their first harvest in 2013. 


The Milner Family is proud to be part of an ongoing traditon of California olive oil production, adding our product to a growing California collection of great tasting oils.








1769 - The first olive trees planted in California by Spanish missionaries with olive oil production in mind. Less expensive oils produced in Europe sold better.


1803 - The first olive oil produced in California


1871 - Judith Taylor’s book, “The Olive In California, History of an Immigrant Tree,” recounts how the Del Valle family, pioneers in the state and Ventura County, sold the first oil from its press at historic Rancho Camulo.


1992 - California Olive Oil Council--Created in 1992, the COOC’s mission is to establish California as a source of world-class olive oil. 


2004 - The California Olive Oil Council petitioned the USDA in August 2004 in an effort to set standards for labeling grades of olive oil.